Petro Chemicals

United Raw Material Pte. Ltd. is one of the key suppliers of bulk petrochemicals in the Indian market. Our client base comprises of more than 350 companies in the pharmaceutical, basic chemical and intermediates, agro chemicals, paint, thinners, laminate, pesticide, formaldehyde, synthetic fibers and resin, detergent, lubricant and other large scale manufacturing industries. We transact over half a million tones of liquid and dry chemicals annually.

Our company has an extensive product base comprising of many types of petrochemicals, including PTA and MEG. Although our company is actively involved in spot trading and distribution of chemicals, our primary objective remains to build and safeguard long term association with our clients and suppliers.

Over the years, United Raw Material Pte. Ltd has established an integrated distribution network throughout India that allows us to provide our clients with most effective and cost efficient solutions. Our company imports liquid bulk chemicals at all 7 major Indian ports, Mumbai, Kandla, Dahej, Mangalore, Cochin, Chennai and Vizag Port, thereby enabling us to service every region in the country efficiently.

Our organization is committed to maintain the highest environment and safety standards in all its operations.

We can always assure best quality goods with competitive prices, timely delivery & prompt business services. We understand the importance of our time as well as that of our customers. Hence, we deliver the promised quality promptly as per our customer’s requirement at very competitive price in order to ensure customer satisfaction which in turn marks our long-term presence in the global market.

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