Logs & Sawn Timber

We supply logs and sawn timber come from forests managed sustainably through forest management practices. We have hardwood logs from Malaysia and Pine logs from New Zealand, America and Europe.

We offer a wide range of log and sawn timber that are durable, strong, refined and high in quality for manufacturing and exporting. Our sawn timber is quality tested and cost effective.

Long Sawn Timber Supplier

Tropical Timber Sourcing and Sales:

We are one of the Major traders of Legal Tropical Timber. We source it from many origins including:

  1. Malaysia
  2. Indonesia
  3. Papua New Guinea
  4. Solomon Island
  5. West Africa : Congo, Ivory Coast , Cameroon
  6. Central and South America

We use our expertise in Shipping (Our Shipping Desk is managed by a very experienced and intelligent team) to sell various species in India.


We are currently sourcing teak from: South and Latin American Countries, West African Countries. Each year we plan to expand our network of operations to increase our dominance in the market.

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