Green Mung Beans

United Raw Material Pte. Ltd. (URMPL) provides high quality Green Mung Beans that are available at leading industry prices. Prepared from dried beans, our Kenyan professionals make sure Our professional maintain strict receivable standards. URMPL products are free from infestation and mould.

Our whole dried mung beans have a fresh nutty texture and flavour. Excellent ability to sprout. USES: Sprouting, cook and eat whole in salads, stir-fries, casseroles, soups and stuffing’s etc. Can be ground into flour and used widely in Asian recipes, and commonly used in Indian cuisine to make “Moong Dahl”.


  • Used in Chinese cuisine

  • Low in cholesterol

  • Good source of protein, vitamin C and vitamin K

  • Very nutritious as sprouts

value per 100 g (3.5 oz)
Energy 1,452 kJ (347 kcal)
Carbohydrates 62.62 g
Sugars 6.60 g
Dietary fiber 16.3 g
Sodium 15.00mg
Fat 1.15 g
Saturated 0.35g
Protein 23.86 g
Vitamin C 4.8 mg (6%)
Calcium 132 mg (13%)
Magnesium 189 mg (53%)
Phosphorus replica handbags for woman 367 mg (52%)
Potassium 1246 mg (27%)
Sodium 15 mg (1%)

This analysis may alter slightly depending on growing and climatic conditions. Other testing available at buyers expense.


There are no known risks associated with the handling or processing of this product. Post harvest grain is cooled by night aeration for 14 days in silos then fumigated with Carbon Dioxide to a level of 37.5% for minimum 10 days.

Once the grain is cleaned, processed and packaged it is stored in cool rooms at a maximum temperature of 11 degrees Celsius. These rooms are dry and free from toxic chemicals, odours, insects and rodent infestation. It is recommended that product be stored under constant cool, dry conditions to maintain optimum freshness. No responsibility is taken for product if stored in humid, hot, dusty or infested storage, cytoplasm.

Our recommended shelf life for this product is 12 months after the production date but we will accept no responsibility for infestation once product has been accepted into the customers’ storage facility.


20kg, (Poly bag), 5kg (Calico), 6 x 500g (Plastic packets),
54 x 25kg bags to a pallet
210 x 5kg to a pallet
112 x 6 x 500g cartons to a pallet

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